Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to ProudlyAutistic, my space on the internet to spread autism acceptance, positivity and share my thoughts on being an autistic person in a neurotypical world!

About Me:

My name is Emma and in October 2016, I received the diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, along with Generalised and Social Anxiety Disorders. This diagnosis is wonderful to me, making sense of world tmehat’s been confusing  since birth, but to most, it’s a taboo.

I’ve embraced this diagnosis and celebrate who I am as an autistic person but it doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. Autism is categorised as a developmental disability and, like other disabilities, a lack of support and help in a world that isn’t built for me is where I begin to struggle. However, it doesn’t stop me being proud of who I am because when I have the correct support, I’m empowered and feel wonderful. I don’t wish to be ‘normal’ or pretend to be, I’m incredibly happy to just be myself.